We are Manufacturers of wholesale furniture & Home Interior Products. We are committed to the global development of Home & Lifestyle along with the dedication to the growth of Artisans, Craftsmen & Entrepreneurship.

Umaid Craftorium offers affiliations and contributes together to the preservation of art and culture, through lifestyle. We offer handmade products from all genres of Art & Crafts, curated by the best of the craftsman, with utmost love and devotion to increasing your market offering.

We are a leading furniture manufacturer, wholesale and import company with a manufacturing facility of 18,000 Sq. Mts. and more than 20 dedicated units in Jodhpur, India. We are committed to home improvement with quality products. Our vast range of products includes all the home improvement product categories from Dining, Living, Kitchen, Bar, Bathroom to Outdoor furniture. 

We also develop and source products according to the needs of the client’s markets with a 4 step high-quality control system, timely deliveries and competitive prices. We work on a business to business model, facilitating our clients to order from the comfort of their office and ensure quality manufacturing, import and delivery at competitive prices.

You can also advise us on the specific taste, designs and requirements according to the market trends. We work in close understanding with our clients to fulfil the design and development needs as per their markets.

Increase Your Market Offering!

Umaid Craftorium offers a wide range of products for wholesalers & retailers to increase their market offering. We are the leading wholesale furniture manufacturer & supplier.

At Umaid Craftorium, we make sure that you do not have to worry about the sourcing, production, quality or movement of the products, but instead, we facilitate you to utilise your valuable time & energy in marketing and selling the products.

Umaid Craftorium facilitates your business with hundreds of latest products, timely deliveries, product details for your online sales channel, bespoke projects and much more.

Benefit with us:

    • Latest Product Designs & Trends
    • Quality Products – 4 Step Quality Control
    • High-Quality Material – Certified Agricultural Timber
    • Wide range of Wood – Shisham, Mango, Acacia, Teak, Pine, Oak, etc.
    • Timely Deliveries – Efficient Supply Chain
    • Efficient Marketing Material
    • Seller Branding
    • Request a Quotation – Customize your Products
    • Sourcing and Import facilities for your business
    • Contract / Project Supply
    • Ease of Ordering – User-Friendly Interface
    • Container Order Discounts
    • Ease of business

Wholesale stocking program in the supplier country is available for dealers – this program helps in customised container loads, reducing the average delivery time and in turn benefiting in timely retail deliveries.


Artisan, Craftsmen & Workshops


Umaid Craftorium workshops provide a dynamic platform for business, design, development and learning. We regularly organise workshops with prominent designers, artisans and craftsmen along with young & emerging talents from all genres. The designers and craftsmen are awardees at national and international levels. The workshops comprise of various sessions. The designers, artists and craftsmen work with utmost devotion to bringing out the best of the collections.

The sessions cover various topics like orientation, discussion on the implementation of indigenous art or crafts, in the proposed collection of products. Selection of the raw material, keeping the optimum utilisation of natural resources, with the motive of sustainable development. Maintaining the global safety and health standards. Designing the technical layout of production and finishing etc.

The designs are developed to the most excellent standards for the market offering. The ordered production on prototypes is also done by the Craftsmen, benefitting them and the global lifestyle.

Artisans Homebience