Umaid Craftorium

Welcome to the Renaissance range of exclusive furniture At Umaid Craftorium.

About Company: - Umaid Craftorium collects impressions from all over the world and combines the most contrasting influences to form a diversified and exciting collection. The overriding principle is high quality awareness when selecting each individual component. Company collections are flexible and combinable. They offer a wide range of differently structured surfaces - from simple and smooth to the expressive grain. Each element of our furniture line is consistent in every detail and the design is always characterized by ease. Company extensive range allows people to meet a number of customer requirements. The world is full of ideas that want to be discovered.

Umaid Craftorium  would like to introduce itself  as Promoter, manufacturer, and exporter  of a great variety of wooden, iron and stone products (with several finishes) including furniture, household, kitchenware, garden, and giftware range giving our services to major of India from past 15 years.

Umaid Craftorium Introduces new ranges of furniture and handicraft products and exclusive collection of furniture takes you in 16th-19th and 20th century from European continental. Which are developed by International Designers and Consultant) and Master Craftsmans, according to International market requirements and as per buyer's requirements.

The collections have been developed keeping in view the European style and according to the European furniture designs. Our furniture is a reflection of the time, character and lifestyle of bygone era, beautifully restored and reproduced by using the finest Sheesham (kind of hardwood), Mango, Acacia, pine and other wood From past 15 year,

The beginnings:-  From a one-man business to the one of the large manufacturer and exporter for Indian furniture worldwide - how is this possible? At first glance this might sound like a rags-to-riches story, but in reality it is the result of a persistent fight and the consistent realization of an idea.

In 2000 Vikram singh had this idea to expand a company with a completely new business concept. Thus he found Umaid Craftorium would Start manufacturing and Export containers from India. For years later, the Company proves to be so successful that he can expend a business a more and needs employees.

Team:- Umaid Craftorium  is supported by its founder Vikram singh and his team. They are young, dynamic, creative and raring to go. That mission is to bring nice, stylish furniture to the market, and their incentive is satisfaction. This team was created 15 years ago. They are just at the beginning and still have grand plans. Vikram singh is the mastermind and the face of Umaid Craftorium. He is a man with a lot of passions: furniture ranks first, of course, but he is also enthusiastic about Art And Painting, especially Oil canvas and mix media of color and  other school of art ,and have been awarded as master craftsmen  and is always looking for a new challenge.

With the foundation of Umaid Craftorium as manufacturing and export container business, he triggered a small revolution in the industry, but the success clearly justifies his decision to this day. He is not afraid of competition, regarding it instead as an incentive to continue seeking new ways of doing things. Thus, a new "shop-in-shop concept", which may become another trendsetter, will soon be brought to the market. However, they are not going to reveal any more here - you'll have to wait and see.

The moving: - From now on things just get better: the company proves to be much too small for the constantly growing number of employees, and a showroom with attached warehouse would be ideal. In 2000 he finds a location which fulfills all the requirements in a former furniture Warehouse in Boranada Industrial Area, Jodhpur (Rajasthan). In these new company headquarters, Umaid Craftorium now boasts a large scale production unit is setup in 21000 Sq. Ft. area, with over all facilities of packaging and finishing etc. under one roof. We have highly skilled workers for all kind of exclusive works including painting, carving, polishing, finishing & packaging.

Creativity:- Company has own ideas for their collections and these are further developed in collaboration with international designers by Mr. Lal Singh Bhati (International Designer and Consultant) and Mr. Vikram Singh Bhati (Master Craftsman),. They attach great importance to the fact that all of our lines can be freely combined with each other. In this way, everybody can create his individual living environment with a stylistically consistent image.

Company range of products is very diverse: from classic to modern, with different surfaces for each taste, and still there is one common ground - the design is always characterized by ease. All of our furniture pieces are originally made by Umaid Craftorium and specialize in the supply of high quality Living Room Furniture, Dining Furniture, Bed Room Furniture, Bathroom Furniture & Garden furniture, Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Writing Tables, Chairs, Consoles, Chests, Storage Box, Cabinets, Wine Cabinets, Mirror Frame, Book Shelves, Side boards, Storage Boxes, Bed Gift Items and Article etc. The company manufactures extensive range of furniture products covering wooden furniture mainly from Mango, Sheesham, Pine and Acacia Wood.

Sustainability:- Sustainable economic management is becoming increasingly important. The resources of Company planet are limited; however, consumption is growing worldwide. For company, it is essential to treat our environment and fellow human beings with respect and make a contribution to preserve this world. Therefore, sustainability is an important part of our company strategy. Company led our packaging back to the raw material cycle with interferon.

Human beings and environment:- company operate worldwide and people operate worldwide for Company - this creates ties with each other. When selecting our partner companies overseas, they focus on fair working conditions, which also mean that company, do not tolerate any kind of child labor or other form of exploitation. Company demand an appropriate use of available resources and make sure that only wood from plantations subjected to governmental control is used. Therefore, it goes without saying that we implement both the European Timber Regulation (FLEGT) and the European Chemical Regulation (REACH).

Manufacturing Customized Furniture:- Company make as per Bayer imagination too:  company also produce goods on order. Company hallmark has been timely delivery of orders with due emphasis on quality. They strive to play a part in placing Indian craftsmanship on the pedestal of admirable achievement and bring the world at India's been timely delivery of orders with due emphasis on quality. Moreover company is known for world-class artistic creations in respect of both quality standards & unparalleled elegance. Due to which it has become a household name in India and other countries where they regularly export.

Finish is the company forte:-  Company in-house finishing units are able to provide various finish to wood. From new furniture finish to the antique finish, the weathered finish and the old finish as well. Company is having those own 21000 Sq. Ft. Manufacturing, production, packaging plants with a sufficient output of 25-30 Qty. 40” HQ containers per month.

Ultimate Craftsmanship:- Natural wax, patina, PU, Lacquer and sealer finish are being used to bring out the grain of the very fine Indian sheesham, mango, Acacia, pine & other woods. In fact every material in the range is as traditional as the rich warm finish. And that's a quality which allows these pieces to be as casual or as formal as the occasion demands.

Our Vision:- Umaid Craftorium is a leading solid wood furniture manufacturer in India.  Company delivers furniture to the Global industries all across the globe. With national and international footprint and delivers to leading retailers with the right Product, Cost and Services they deliver value to the customers.

Our Mission:- Our mission is to deliver quality product to our customers at good value to them "Our guideline principle is to partner with our buyers and associates to launch new and fresh product with rapidly changing customer needs

Our Values: -  We are committed to the task of meeting these criteria while complying with sustainability. For this reason, we set high standards from the first to the last step of completing work.

Customer service: - Friendly and caring, professional with a human touch listening to our customers

Innovation: - Constantly looking for new forms, applications firm-less and packing solutions

For Money: - Transparent pricing to help customers understand what they are paying for without necessarily being the cheaper the market.

Good Quality: - Company set High standards & attention with complete details within. We being honest for delivering on promises. And company Product which must meet three criteria in particular:

  • High quality
  • Timeless and affordable
  • High-quality materials and components